Test suite: Default
Tests the default curves present on the card. These might not be present or the card might not even support ECC. Tests keypair allocation, generation, ECDH and ECDSA. ECDH is first tested with two valid generated keypairs, then with a compressed public key to test support for compressed points.
Card name: Infineon SLE78
ATR: 3bfd9600008131fe45534c4a353247444c313238435257
ECTester version: v0.2.0(git c04d4fd)
Date: 2018.07.22 13:32:57

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Test result Description Result Duration
Tests of 112b ALG_EC_FP support.(0) SUCCESS
Tests of 128b ALG_EC_FP support.(1) SUCCESS
Tests of 160b ALG_EC_FP support.(2) SUCCESS
Tests of 192b ALG_EC_FP support.(3) SUCCESS
Tests of 224b ALG_EC_FP support.(4) SUCCESS
Tests of 256b ALG_EC_FP support.(5) SUCCESS
Tests of 384b ALG_EC_FP support.(6) SUCCESS
Tests of 521b ALG_EC_FP support.(7) SUCCESS
Tests of 163b ALG_EC_F2M support.(8) FAILURE
Tests of 233b ALG_EC_F2M support.(9) FAILURE
Tests of 283b ALG_EC_F2M support.(10) FAILURE
Tests of 409b ALG_EC_F2M support.(11) FAILURE
No support for 571b ALG_EC_F2M.(12) FAILURE
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